Illumina’s record EU fine could drive smaller M&A pharma deals

This table summarizes some of the largest fines from the European Union on companies for a variety of violations.

Illumina, the world’s largest gene sequencing company, faces a record fine from the E.U. for acquiring startup Grail without approval. The $8 billion deal closed in August 2021 despite ongoing EU. and U.S. investigations. A year later, the EU prohibited the merger, citing reduced innovation and choice. The expected $453 million fine, which would be the largest ever in the E.U. that aims to deter unauthorized deals. The chart on the right shows some of the most substantial fines in EU history.

Francis deSouza resigned as CEO and director of Illumina Inc. on June 11, 2023. The company named Charles Dadswell, senior vice president and general counsel, as interim CEO, while the board conducts a search for a new CEO.

Grail’s pioneering work on early cancer detection through blood tests pu…

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