AbbVie bets on quality of life approach to gain share in migraine treatment market

In a crowded migraine treatment landscape, AbbVie is aiming to differentiate itself by redefining migraine treatment beyond just counting headache days and other traditional clinical endpoints. At the European Headache Congress (EHC), the company touted its patient-centered approach in evaluating quality of life, daily functioning, rapid relief, and balanced benefit-risk profiles, while aiming to continue addressing unmet needs in the disease area.

“Everyone always talks about patient centricity, but really showing that with our treatments is what matters and what we highlighted with atogepant,” said Michael J. Seminerio, global therapeutic lead at AbbVie. “We actually improved function, quality of life and disability across all trials.”

The ELEVATE, PROGRESS, and ADVANCE atogepant  trials

This approach was a guiding principle in the ELEVATE, PROGRESS, and ADVANCE studies, all featured at EHC. The trio of studies concentrated on atogepan…

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