Vericel’s unique biopharma focus: Tackling unmet needs in sports medicine and burn treatment

Vericel (Nasdaq:VCEL), a biopharma focused on sports medicine and severe burn care therapies, has a portfolio including the cartilage repair treatment MACI and the burn treatments Epicel and NexoBrid.

Focal cartilage defects, which occur in approximately 60% of arthroscopies, can lead to debilitating osteoarthritis if left untreated. Vericel’s flagship product, MACI, tackles this medical challenge head-on by enabling younger, active patients to avoid knee replacements. Harnessing the power of the patient’s own cells to repair cartilage damage, MACI halts the progression to osteoarthritis.

In the realm of burn care, Vericel’s Epicel serves as a permanent skin replacement for patients with severe burns, while NexoBrid is an enzymatic treatment designed to remove dead tissue from burn wounds. In a recent interview, Vericel CEO Nick Colangelo highlighted the company’s unique position in the market, noting the limited competition and signific…

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