Unlocking generative AI requires reshaping culture, operations, and talent dynamics

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In drug discovery and development, generative AI and natural-language processing (NLP) tools promise more than incremental productivity gains. For companies that can integrate such tools strategically into their workflows, the tools open the door to a fundamental rethinking of operational processes. For instance, generative AI tools can accelerate drafting of research articles, novel target identification, and the creation of SOPs for recipe and formulation. NLP, conversely, can mine unstructured scientific data and complex research papers. Because roughly 80% of healthcare data is unstructured, NLP promises to unlock previously inaccessible insights, transforming raw data into actionable knowledge.

But deploying such tools at scale requires a mix of strategic thinking, curiosity and new approaches to cultivating talent. As we enter 2024, life science organizations must rethink their approach to ad…

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