Why Psychogenics and Emyria are collaborating to examine MDMA-inspired compounds

CNS-focused contract research organization PsychoGenics has forged a collaboration with clinical-stage biotech Emyria Ltd to study five novel MDMA-inspired drug candidates for severe neuropsychiatric conditions.

Emyria and its partner, the University of Western Australia, will initially screen five novel MDMA analogs with PsychoGenic’s computer vision and AI-based testing platform. The organizations expect the alliance to inform and predict the clinical effects of new drug compounds, including Emyria’s MDMA-inspired library.

PsychoGenics will compare the MDMA-based compounds to known reference drug libraries.

The companies anticipate that the alliance will facilitate the accelerated development of the MDMA-inspired library that holds potential for conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PsychoGenics and Emyria will work collaboratively before exploring drug discovery and commercializa…

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