Learn how medical grade silicones can improve device performance

The current pandemic has revealed three critical aspects of the medical device industry to the public.

First, this industry is of utmost importance to maintain functioning Healthcare systems around the world. Second, the fabrication and supply of medical devices can be disrupted by local events; therefore, the robustness and reactivity of their supply chain should be improved. Third, their use and supply are subject to regulatory approvals which vary in speed and complexity depending on the region of the globe.

On our June 8 DeviceTalks Tuesday,  Elkem Silicones will host an exclusive webinar dedicated to medical companies on the challenges that are faced when developing and manufacturing medical devices. Three case studies will cover: the support on medical device design with medical grade silicones with a focus on performance of the end component, supply chain challenges with a presentation of worldwide fabrication options and medical companies’ journey through re…

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