GE HealthCare adds MIM Software to Elekta collaboration

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) + announced today that it expanded its relationship with Elekta with more collaboration on software for radiation oncology.

Together, the companies aim to accelerate innovation in software to improve workflows, increase throughput and enhance user experience. They expect to enable greater precision in radiation therapy treatment with less time at the hospital for patients.

It builds on a collaboration between GE HealthCare and Elekta first announced just over two years ago. The latest expansion adds in MIM Software, which GE HealthCare acquired just weeks ago. MIM Software provides AI-based software for radiation oncology, molecular radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and urology.

“Our decision to join GE HealthCare was driven by a ‘shared vision of maximizing impact’ and our motivation for this collaboration with Elekta is no different,” said Andy Nelson, CEO of MIM Software, GE Health…

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Elekta receives $40M radiation tech order in India

The Elekta Unity radiotherapy system [Image courtesy of Elekta]Elekta announced today that it received an order worth approximately $40 million for its full suite of hardware and software.

Stockholm, Sweden-based Elekta develops precision radiation therapy to treat cancer. The FDA cleared its latest offering, the Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) with True Tracking and automatic gating, earlier this year.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Hyderabad, one of India’s largest corporate healthcare groups, made the order. Dr. Bhaskar Rao Bollineni, KIMS chair and managing director, called Elekta’s technologies “cutting edge.”

“These devices and software will enable us to provide more personalized and precise treatments for various types of cancers, while minimizing side effects and improving quality of life,” said Bollineni. “We are committed to offering the best possible care to our patients and investi…

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Elekta forms radiotherapy partnership with Sinopharm in China

Elekta announced today that it entered into a joint venture with Sinopharm to increase the adoption of radiation therapy in China.

The initiative aims to bring radiation therapy to what’s considered lower-tier cities. These cities comprise approximately 70% of China’s population, according to a news release.

Elekta develops precision radiation therapy to treat cancer. The FDA cleared its latest offering, the Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) with True Tracking and automatic gating, last month.

Shanghai-based Sinopharm (China National Pharmaceutical Group) covers all aspects of healthcare. Its pharmaceutical business is the second largest in the world, according to our sister publication Drug Discovery & Development‘s Pharma 50 report. In addition to drug development, Sinopharm operates a substantial China-based logistics network for drugs and medical devices. It engages in R&D, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and healthcare…

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Medtech jobs: The world’s largest medical device companies are hiring

Medical device companies are trying to fill thousand of medtech jobs. [Photo by ijeab –]

The world’s largest medical device companies are still hiring for medtech jobs despite layoffs in tech and other industries.

Medtech developers — and medtech jobs — are resilient, with the industry’s COVID-19 pandemic performance only bolstering its recession-proof reputation.

That’s not to say there haven’t been job cuts in medtech, led by thousands of layoffs at Philips as it struggles with a massive recall of deadly respiratory devices. But most medical device manufacturers are still hiring, and in some cases they can’t attract enough candidates to fill every vacancy in a tight labor market.

Stryker, for example, grew to approximately 51,000 employees as of the end of 2022, increasing its headcount by nearly 11 percent last year. Boston Scientific reported nearl…

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FDA clears Elekta’s radiation therapy automation

The Elekta Unity radiotherapy system [Image courtesy of Elekta]Elekta (Stockholm:EKTA-B) says an FDA 510(k) clearance represents a new era in precision radiation therapy to treat cancer in the U.S.

The Sweden-based cancer and brain treatment tech company announced today that the FDA has cleared Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) with True Tracking and automatic gating. The features are part of Elekta’s Unity MR-Linac radiotherapy system.

The new features enable Elekta Unity to continuously calculate the movement of the tumor anywhere in the body and account for it automatically.

It’s possible with CMM to better manage the treatment of targets that are either subject to periodic breathing motion or random movements, according to Elekta. For example, patients don’t need to hold their breath during treatment, which can be challenging. Integrated predictive algorithms compensate for any system delays, further enhancing breathing motion mana…

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Elekta launches its Elekta Esprit radiosurgery system

Elekta (KTA-B.ST) announced today that it launched its Espirit automated treatment planning system.

Stockholm, Sweden-based Elekta designed its latest and most advanced system to offer significantly faster, automated treatment planning for clinicians, with more personalized and patient-friendly treatments and a degree of precision capable of protecting the mind and the person.

The company said in a news release that Espirit offers superior visualization, remote accessibility and collaboration tools for the treatment team within one single platform.

Among the benefits of the platform, the company said, is accuracy of <0.3 mm, flexible workflow options based on single-session, fractionated, adaptive or staged protocols and a seamless integrated system for end-to-end ease of use.

“Esprit will allow clinicians to take radiosurgery to the next level and treat patients with the highest accuracy, protecting their mind and memories and enabling a highe…

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GE Healthcare, Elekta collaborate to expand precision radiation therapy access

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) and Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) recently announced that they have inked a global commercial collaboration agreement.

The partnership covers the radiation oncology field. It’s meant to enable the two companies to provide hospitals a comprehensive offering across imaging and treatment for cancer patients.

“Access to radiation therapy is a significant challenge in several parts of the globe. We are pleased that this collaboration is a step in the right direction to make more comprehensive precision health solutions more readily available,” Jan Makela, president and CEO of Imaging at GE Healthcare, said in an April 5 news release.

“Cancer care can only be improved if those in the field work together, and this is one of several partnerships that we are pursuing, for the benefit of caregivers and patients, as we build out our oncology offerings to help enable more precise care,” Makela said.

Elekta CEO Gustaf Salford said the …

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Elekta names permanent CFO

Elekta (STO:EKTA B) today said it has appointed Johan Adebäck as chief financial officer, effective immediately.

Adebäck has served as the acting chief financial officer since June of last year. He was previously the group treasurer of the company since 2004, where he was responsible for treasury, taxes, customer financing, operations accounting and customer credit risk. He has also held finance leadership roles at Pharmacia and Esselte.

“I have worked closely with Johan since I began at Elekta almost 12 years ago and have always been impressed by his integrity, diligence and proficiency,” Elekta president and CEO Gustaf Salford said in a news release. “Working side-by-side with him over the past nine months has confirmed that he also has the spirit and competence to succeed in this role.”

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