Why clinicians are the critical link for AI in transforming oncology care

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In the third episode of AI Meets Life Sci, Ben Newton, General Manager of Oncology at GE Healthcare, offered a succinct definition of artificial intelligence that harkens back to the original conception from the 1950s, when researchers gathered at Dartmouth College to lay the groundwork for the field. “AI for me is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, essentially, or computer systems,” Newton said.

Harnessing the power of machine intelligence is increasingly a priority owing to the surging volumes of data in the field. Contributing to the trend are advances in radiological imaging, genomics as well as the continued evolution of electronic health records and personalized medicine. The healthcare industry is emerging as one of the biggest producers of data with RBC Capital Markets estimating that the sector now produces roughly 30% of the world’s data volume. RBC projects that the compou…

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How a data lakehouse can give you a panoramic view of your AI-enabled clinical trials 

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In recent years, the term “data lakehouse” has entered the lexicon of data professionals. For AI-enabled clinical trials, the lakehouse architecture promises seamless integration of diverse data streams, spanning patient health records to real-time sensor data, all processed efficiently and queried in structured formats.

The lakehouse architecture aims to provide a comprehensive overview of data, ensuring both vast storage and real-time processing capabilities. In other words, the lakehouse offers the “best of both worlds” when it comes to data warehouses and data lakes, according to Venu Mallarapu, vice president of global strategy and operations at eClinical Solutions.

AI and ML move from buzzwords to practical tools in clinical trial management

As the use of AI and ML in clinical trials becomes more prevalent in patient recruitment, real-time data monitoring and beyond, …

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Stryker on steroids: How enabling technology will supercharge surgical robotics

Robert Cohen is president of Stryker’s Digital Robotics and Enabling Technologies organization. [Photo courtesy of Stryker]

Stryker is tapping health data and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve surgical robotics outcomes.

Robert Cohen, president of Digital Robotics and Enabling Technologies at Stryker, recently discussed his mission with DeviceTalks Editorial Director Tom Salemi.

Stryker created the Digital Robotics and Enabling Technologies group in 2021 to “stay laser-focused on the technology,” Cohen said.

“What’s going on in the world of digital, what’s going on in the world of health records, what’s going on in the world of product security? How do we assure there’s no bias in algorithm development? We’re looking at local regulations as well as managing the R&D groups that are doing the robotics, the software, the navigation units for c…

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