EDC fading in prominence as AI and cloud gain ground

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In a year or two, the clinical trial industry may move beyond electronic data capture (EDC), a technology that has been the cornerstone of clinical data management for decades, projects Raj Indupuri, CEO of eClinical Solutions. Given the potential of electronic medical records (EMR) to feed directly into data infrastructure, the need for EDC may be moot — or at least diminished.

More automated data-collection processes

Already, clinical trials are pulling considerable data from external sources, whether that be outside labs providing supplemental test results or real-world data generated through biomarkers, genomics sequencing, wearables, and other sources circumventing conventional data capture processes.

“There’s more and more data that we’re collecting directly from patients or other sources,” Indupuri said. “And the amount of data that we’re collecting through EDC — or …

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