Advancing medical wearable devices through electrically conductive silicone molding

Electrically conductive silicones combine the stability, biocompatibility, and comfort of a silicone elastomer with increased conductivity from conductive additives.

Electrically conductive silicone wearables molded by ProMed include the Biolectrics Oraflow (left) and Cala Health klQTM (right). [Image courtesy of ProMed]

By Michael Nesnidal, ProMed Molded Products

Wearable technology made its debut in the mainstream population in the late 70’s with a wearable calculator that mimicked a wristwatch. Since then, the technology behind electronic devices worn on the body has expanded into a wide range of applications including smart watches that monitor heart rates, virtual reality headsets for entertainment, sensing devices to measure blood-glucose levels, and skin patches with sensors that can transmit a wearer’s vitals wirelessly.

Within the medical device industry, wearable devices, or wearables, are a gr…

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