Unlocking the secrets of cellular immunogenicity: A deep dive in ELISpot assays

A colorized scanning electron micrograph of a T cell from NIAID.

Next generation therapies and vaccine research have recently dominated headlines and scientific discovery. This research and its ability to treat previously untreatable conditions has rightfully excited the scientific and medical communities worldwide. But the complexities involved require a nuanced approach to ensure the treatment is safe and effective. Integrating cell culture into cellular immunity testing can be challenging, which is why the bioanalytical community has sought options beyond traditional immunoassays. Enter ELISpot assays.

ELISpot assays boast unprecedented sensitivity and specificity. They could legitimately shape the future of cellular immunogenicity testing. As scientists push the boundaries of drug discovery and development, they will inevitably turn to the best tools available. ELISpot assays, with their unique capabilit…

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