10 medtech hazards you need to watch out for in 2021

(Image by Антон Дмитриев on Unsplash)

Patient safety organization ECRI comes out with its list of health technology hazards every year, and it often contains the same issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of that.

The nonprofit organization is focusing this year on the need to move from trying to cope during an emergency to building stronger and more resilient processes, using the innovations developed during the pandemic and the lessons learned along the way.

ECRI engineers, scientists, clinicians and other patient safety analysts nominate topics for the list based on their own expertise and insight gained through:

Investigating incidents. Testing medical devices in the ECRI lab. Observing operations and assessing hospital practices. Reviewing the literature. Speaking with clinicians, clinical engineers, technology managers, purchasing staff, health systems administrators, and device suppliers.

The ECRI staff also considers the thousands of h…

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