Survey: Wielding AI magic in clinical trials requires a master’s touch

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eClinical’s Industry Outlook 2024 report highlights a significant acceleration in AI/ML adoption for clinical trials. Over half of professionals (53%) in functions like clinical operations, data management, and biometrics now see these technologies as central to streamlining trials by 2024, surpassing the emphasis on automation that dominated last year. Despite this hype cycle, a core lesson emerges: progress will be uneven as we learn to harness this new form of “magic.”

The sorcerer’s apprentice: Enthusiasm and the need for mastery

Much like the eager apprentice in Disney’s animated film “Fantasia,” which itself is inspired by Goethe’s “Der Zauberlehrling”(“Sorcerer’s Apprentice“), many in the clinical research field seem eager to unleash the power of AI even before fully grasping the strategic investment required for mastery…

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eClinical Solutions Q&A: The quest to transform raw data into drug discovery gold

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Top pharmaceutical companies sponsor over a hundred clinical trials annually, generating vast amounts of data. Harnessing this deluge is a monumental task. eClinical Solutions, led by CEO Raj Indupuri, tackles this through advanced applications of data analytics and machine learning with a strong emphasis on AI in clinical trials optimization.

Specifically, eClinical Solutions taps AI/ML for automated data mapping, classification, review and mining insights. This enhances efficiency, speeds up cycle times and ensures quality as data complexity grows. The company’s Elluminate platform integrates and structures data, supporting advanced analytics.

Powerful techniques like anomaly detection algorithms can automatically flag potential data issues for human review. ML also classifies and categorizes data to focus reviewer time on the most critical areas. Fostering an innovative cultur…

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