EarlySense sells contact-free monitoring system to Hillrom

EarlySense today said it has sold its contact-free continuous monitoring technology to Hillrom.

Through the deal, EarlySense will receive licensing for all intellectual property and technology sold to Hillrom and $30 million in cash with potential payments based on certain commercial milestone achievements. EarlySense will also receive a portion of Hillrom’s equity investment in the company.

“We set out to save lives and improve care by implementing AI-based contact-free patient monitoring in healthcare facilities across the globe,” EarlySense CEO Matt Johnson said in a news release. “We made great progress by becoming the standard of care in Hillrom’s flagship Centrella Smart+ hospital bed. Our technology has already monitored more than one million patients and helped clinicians save tens of thousands of lives, and we expect to accelerate this significant impact as a result of this technology sale to Hillrom.”


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