Explainable AI lessons from the developers of the EarliPoint Evaluation for autism

Healthcare can’t fully embrace artificial intelligence until it’s better understood — and this device developer says explainable AI is critical.

By Sreeni Narayanan, EarliTec Diagnostics

EarliTec’s EarliPoint device uses artificial intelligence for embedded eye-tracking technology that measures more than 120 focal preferences per second. [Photo courtesy of EarliTec Diagnostics]

Artificial intelligence (AI) now performs feats that would have seemed far-fetched just a short few years ago. Users simply enter prompts and then quickly receive proposed actions or substantive answers in response, with a potential impact in healthcare that seems virtually boundless.

However, the calculations that occur between point A and point B — or the input and the output — are a mystery to most people. How GPTs and other AI programs do what they do remains poorly understood. While for many industries the how may be of…

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