DyAnsys wins FDA clearance for neurostimulator that treats diabetic neuropathic pain

[Image from DyAnsys]DyAnsys recently announced that its First Relief neurostimulation device received FDA clearance to treat pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Palo Alto, California-based DyAnsys designed the wearable device, placed on the ear, to administer continuous pulses of low-level electrical current over several days, offering multiple treatments of up to 56 days for symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

“We are excited to have the FDA clearance of First Relief so that this device, which has been proven effective, can now be used to treat patients who have been experiencing pain related to diabetic neuropathy,” DyAnsys CEO Srini Nageshwar said in a news release. “First Relief offers a significant treatment option without drugs or narcotics.”

The FDA nod came after a study tested First Relief against a placebo and another previously FDA-cleared device. The study, conducted …

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