Deepcell’s CEO forges her own path to transforming cell science with AI and microfluidics

Deepcell co-founder Maddison Masaeli took an unexpected path from academic research to launching an AI-powered cell analysis platform. The company has raised close to $100 million in funding to support its mission. This includes a $73 million Series B round and an earlier $20 million Series A round. The company has entered into a research collaboration with NVIDIA and made generative AI a core focus of their research and development efforts.

From electrical engineering to AI-powered biology

The Deepcell CEO since the company’s founding, Masaeli’s journey shifted from her bachelor’s study of electrical engineering to the life sciences when a chance encounter brought her to a biotech lab as a Harvard-MIT research scholar. “I randomly got introduced to this amazing biotech lab at Harvard at a social event,” she recalled. “I decided to go and explore and see what that was all about.”

The lab specialized in developing methods for tissue engineering…

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