Anticipating IND submission: Ensuring your drug is ready for preclinical toxicology studies 

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Drug development is often a vast and intricate journey. Each phase signifies an advancement in the process, always with an eye toward patient safety and efficacy. But before any therapeutic finds itself on the bedside tables of hopeful patients, it faces a formidable challenge: preclinical toxicology testing. As the gateway to clinical trials, this early testing is more than just a safety assessment. A robust examination establishes a drug’s potential efficacy, possible adverse reactions, and activity within the human body.

Preclinical toxicology is when a drug’s strengths and vulnerabilities are laid bare for all to see. Imagine the invaluable insights drawn from organ-specific tests that reveal hidden adverse reactions or genotoxicity evaluations that shine a light on the risks of cellular mutations.

Such revelations can influence everything from dosing decisi…

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