How a virtual assistant can help boost medication adherence

Medication adherence is often low for people who are transitioning out of a hospital setting. Such patients may have received a starter dose during a visit to an emergency room or an overnight hospital stay but fail to pick up medication in a pharmacy after that.

“It’s a key pain point. There can be as much as a 50% drop off,” said Ron Lacy, vice president, products and innovation at UBC.

To optimize the medication adherence related to new prescriptions of an approved product, UBC worked with health IT firm DrFirst. In addition, the companies worked together to use software for patient support services related to the drug.

DrFirst has developed an electronic prescription writing platform connected to leading EMR systems.

UBC initially planned to partner directly with the healthcare system to address the issue of low medication adherence. In the early days of the pandemic, the company had a plan to send text messages to patients t…

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