Omics is helping unleash the utility of organ on a chip technology

Draper’s PREDICT-96 organ-on-a-chip system

Organ-on-a-chip technology, which simulates the function of an organ or an organ system, has steadily evolved over the past decade. 

The promise of the technology has evolved as well, said Timothy Petrie, head of strategy and business development, pharmaceutical R&D technologies at Draper (Cambridge, Mass). 

In the beginning, it seemed like the central appeal of organ-on-a-chip technology was to improve the efficiency of drug development. Some 90% of drug candidates fail during clinical development. Organ-on-a-chip technology promises to help drug developers more accurately how a drug will perform in humans. 

“With the advent of omics and Big Data applied to secretion and gene expression in proteins at a cellular level, you get a ton more information out of tissue,” Petrie said. That results in new possibilities for organ-on-a-chi…

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