FDA OKs Inspire therapy for younger Down Syndrome patients

Inspire Medical Systems (NYSE:INSP) announced today that the FDA has approved its implantable Inspire therapy for pediatric Down syndrome patients.

“Since our first FDA approval in 2014, the research team at Mass Eye and Ear [Boston], led by Dr. Christopher Hartnick, have pioneered the use of Inspire in this important group of people, and we are thrilled to announce this most impactful approval on World Down Syndrome Day,” Inspire Medical CEO Tim Herbert said in a news release.

“We acknowledge and appreciate the persistence of Dr. Hartnick’s team, as well as the teams at the many participating institutions, to collect the necessary clinical evidence to support the FDA approval. We would also like to thank the LuMind IDSC Down Syndrome Foundation for their support of our FDA application. Inspire intends to immediately begin educating healthcare providers across the U.S. about the benefits of Inspire therapy for children with Down syndrome.”

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