Debiopharm’s multilink technology and partnerships drive oncology pipeline strategy

Debiopharm, an independent Swiss biopharmaceutical company based in Lausanne, seeks to carve a niche in the competitive oncology and infectious disease markets. Its business model focuses on in-licensing promising drug candidates from universities and smaller biotechs, aiming to add value through development. (The company is also partnering with AI-focused firms like VeriSIM Life.) Sandra von Meier, its head of business development, highlights the company’s exploration of DNA damage response pathways, with Debio 0123, a Wee1 kinase inhibitor, as a notable Phase I asset. Debiopharm also emphasizes its proprietary Multilink linker technology for antibody-drug conjugates, a field with potential to improve therapeutic outcomes.

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Can you provide a broad overview of Debiopharm and its drug discovery and development strategy?

Sandra von Meier

Sandra von Me…

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