Outsourcing single-use technologies to accelerate speed to market 

To fast-track the time to market and gain a competitive edge, pharmaceutical development companies are increasingly implementing single-use technologies (SUT). Single-use technologies are built using an array of components, including sampling bottles, filters, Luer locks, seals and dispensing tips. The technology can be as simple as a single assembly. Or it can be an entire system made up of multiple complex assemblies used across the entire manufacturing process, including formulation, upstream/downstream processing and final product filling.

SUT offers many benefits compared to traditional stainless-steel systems, such as eliminating clean-in-place or steam-in-place (CIP/SIP) requirements, faster changeovers between batches resulting in reduced production time, more flexible infrastructure, and a decreased risk of cross-contamination.

Although standard, off-the-shelf SUT assemblies are currently available, most narrowly focus on upstream processes that use ki…

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