Cellarity CEO: AI will fail in drug discovery unless we decode complex disease biology

[Credit: Cellarity]

The traditional drug discovery approach is broken, but so too are the approaches of many AI-focused organizations seeking to reboot the process. That’s the perspective of Fabrice Chouraqui, CEO of Cellarity and CEO Partner at the investment firm Flagship Pioneering, which played a role in launching Moderna in 2010. While a growing number of companies are focused on using AI to streamline drug discovery, the approach is still something like gambling with long odds. Traditional drug developers tend to “place a bet on a single molecular target very early on,” he said.

Despite the dizzying pace of scientific development, the fundamental approach of drug discovery has seen limited evolution. While  organizations are exploring strategies to redefine the process, they often bring a new tool to an existing process. With new technologies like AI, the initial thought is often to apply it to famil…

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