Digital dreams and realities clash pharma and biotech in 2023

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The tale of digital pharma and biotech in 2023 is one of two realities. In one corner, you have AI and digital-focused startups and sometimes executives at Big Pharma companies with grand AI ambitions proclaiming the power of the technology. But on the other side of the pharma-AI coin is a more cautious crowd. Here, industry veterans and pragmatic managers wrestle with the realities of integrating AI into the tightly regulated and often legacy infrastructure that has guided drug development for decades.

Ambitious plans versus on-the-ground realities

It is true that the vast majority of pharma and biotech companies are working on crafting a strategy for AI tools. Only 1% of the participants in CRB’s Horizons Life Sciences 2023 report said they did not have such a strategy. Three-quarters, 76%, said such a strategy would be implemented within the next two years while 21% said they planned on doing so…

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