AlphaFold: Redefining drug discovery with digital biology and AI

[Christoph Burgstedt/Adobe Stock]

At the Nvidia GTC 2023, DeepMind’s Founder and CEO, Demis Hassabis, provided an in-depth look into the seismic potential of their protein folding AI system, AlphaFold. Hassabis said AlphaFold was a contender for the organization’s “biggest project to date.”

Hassabis noted that DeepMind’s AlphaFold has made strides in addressing the protein folding problem, a challenge that has stumped scientists for more than five decades. The protein folding problem involves predicting the 3D structure of proteins solely from the amino acid sequence. Until AlphaFold, determining a protein’s structure was a complex and time-consuming process, often taking years of experimental work.

At the end of 2022, the company announced that it updated AlphaFold with the structure predictions of more than 200 million proteins.

Hassabis explained the enormity of the challenge, …

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