This novel catheter system could yield safer transseptal procedures

The UltraNav Transseptal Catheter System houses transeptal needles and wires with the intracardiac echocardiography catheter, optimizing safety and efficacy of transseptal procedures

By Nabil Dib, Dib UltraNav Medical

The Dib UltraNav Transseptal Catheter System [Photo courtsy of Dib UltraNav Medical]

Cardiologists conducted approximately 375,000 transseptal left heart procedures for closures, valvuloplasty, repairs, septostomies, and electrophysiology in 2021. It is estimated that around 900,000 transseptal heart procedures will be performed in 2025.

The significant rise in procedure volume presents both challenges and opportunities.

The challenges include a correlated rise in procedural complications. Even though the percentage of procedures with complications is overall very low — 1-2% of procedures involving transesophageal echo (TEE), for example, result in unintended perforations — the rapid…

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