Five pharmaceuticals featured on Time’s list of top inventions alongside other medical breakthroughs

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Time magazine’s most recent roundup of 200 inventions included an array of product types, spanning household gadgets and AI applications. Five distinct pharmaceuticals also made the list, not counting a shipping container for biologics and a vaccine for bees. Among the notable pharmaceutical advances on the list are a novel postpartum depression drug, a novel Alzheimer’s therapy, the first FDA-approved RSV vaccine, a blockbuster drug for diabetes and obesity that has driven record-breaking sales for Novo Nordisk. Outside of pharmaceuticals, other medical products that made Time’s list include advanced prosthetic limbs and portable diagnostic devices. Read on to see which pharmaceutical products won the attention of one of the most influential magazines in the U.S.

Zurzuvae, a new PPD treatment option

Zuranolone molecule image from PubChem

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