Ketabon GmbH eyes KET01’s potential as an at-home option for treatment-resistant depression

A joint venture between HMNC Brain Health and Develco Pharma in Switzerland, Ketabon GmbH recently released top-line results from its phase 2 KET01-02 study of KET01, a slow-release formulation of oral ketamine, for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). KET01 was associated with improvements in depression severity as early as day 1, but the results were not statistically significant at day 21.

The promise of rapid onset without dissociative effects

“This is the second study with KET01 that demonstrates a signal of robust and rapid onset of improvement of depressive symptoms from baseline, without the prominent dissociative effects that have limited the uptake of other ketamine-based treatments,” stated Dr. Hans Eriksson, chief medical officer at Ketabon and HMNC Brain Health.  

He added that conducting the KET01-02 study at home without concerns about administration further bolsters their take-at-home approach.

Regarding the lack of statistical significa…

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