Ayala Pharmaceuticals sees promise of gamma secretase inhibitor AL101 for desmoid tumors

Oncology-focused Ayala Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: AYLA) has published two positive case studies of adults with desmoid tumors treated with gamma secretase inhibitor AL101 in Current Oncology.

Desmoid tumors are noncancerous and most often appear in the abdomen, arms or legs. They can also occur in the head and neck, chest and other areas of the body. While the tumors do not metastasize, they can invade neurovascular structures and vital organs.

Wilmington, Delaware–based Ayala says the case studies point to the promise of AL101 to reduce patients with significant tumor burden.

The two patients achieved durable partial responses. The first patients had a maximal decrease in tumor size from baseline of 41% after 55 weeks of therapy. The second had a 60% decrease at 82 weeks.

AL101, the company’s investigational lead candidate, is a novel, injectable drug.

The company has a related gamma secretase inhibitor known as AL102 for the treatment…

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