Gilead identifies counterfeit versions of two of its HIV drugs

Gilead Sciences (NSDQ: GILD) has announced that it has identified tampered and counterfeit versions of its HIV drugs Biktarvy and Descovy in the U.S. supply chain.

Biktarvy is a blockbuster drug cocktail, raking up $7.26 billion in sales last year. 2020 sales of Descovy were $478 million.

Foster City, Calif.–based Gilead said that unauthorized distributors have sold the drugs using genuine Gilead bottles but with a tampered counterfeit foil induction seal and drug.

The company is working to remove the counterfeit product from distribution.

“The safety of individuals taking Gilead medication is always our first priority,” said Dr. Merdad Parsey, chief medical officer and Gilead Sciences, in a statement. “We are taking aggressive action to ensure that healthcare providers and people who rely on our medicines can confidently distinguish authentic Gilead products from counterfeit drugs.”

The company also posted guidelines on its website to help…

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