Tablet counter includes option for high-capacity hopper

Image courtesy of Deitz

The packaging machinery firm Deitz (Wall, New Jersey) has introduced the Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter with an optional high-capacity hopper.

The optional high-capacity stainless-steel hopper can handle 63% more pills than Deitz’s standard hopper. The high-capacity hopper can accommodate 1.6 f3 of tablets, capsules, caplets, lozenges, soft gels or other solid oral-dose products.

Its large size can extend counting and filling operations while minimizing the need for refilling.

Operators can quickly remove the hopper for cleaning and changeovers.

The Pharmafill TC4 machine automatically feeds tablets from the hopper onto a rotating glass disc. Once the pills are on the disc, the machine orients them for a counting sensor and then discharges a defined amount into a bottle.

The Pharmafill TC4 system can process up to 2,000 tablets per minute.

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