Medtronic reports diversity gains and a larger manufacturing footprint

A year-over-year comparison of Medtronic’s latest annual report shows an increase in gender and racial diversity, a larger manufacturing and research footprint and some big moves in its manufacturing locations ranking.

A Medtronic employee checks inventory in Galway, Ireland, where the device maker has significant manufacturing operations. [Photo courtesy of Medtronic]

Medtronic reported gains for women and ethnic diversity in its workforce at the end of its fiscal year, which ended in April 2023

The world’s largest medical device company said in its newly released annual report that women now make up 51% of its global workforce, up from 50% at the end of fiscal 2022.

Diversity in medtech: 2022 markedly the best for women in medtech

Ethnic diversity among Medtronic’s U.S. workers climbed to 40% from 38% a year ago, including 28% of U.S. managers. Medtronic als…

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Johnson & Johnson faces another ballot battle on racial equity audit

Johnson & Johnson is fighting another shareholder proposal for an independent racial equality audit of the company.

New Brunswick, New Jersey–based J&J (NYSE:JNJ) defeated a similar measure at last year’s annual meeting of shareholders, though the vote was far from a landslide. The company also unsuccessfully petitioned the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to keep it off the ballot.

Now, an independent audit is again up for consideration at the April 28 annual meeting after surviving another J&J appeal to the SEC.

Proponents of the audit cite ongoing controversies over talcum powder allegedly marketed to minorities. They also point to the J&J Political Action Committee’s financial support of Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn President Joe Biden’s election after insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“Perhaps not since the civil rights era of the 1960s have citizens spoken with a…

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