FDA clears DeepX Diagnostics teledermatology screening for suspected skin cancer lesions

[Image from DeepX Diagnostics]DeepX Diagnostics announced today that it received FDA clearance for its DermoSight digital dermatoscope.

The DermoSight scope is used for teledermatology screening of suspect skin cancer lesions. Washington-based DeepX Diagnostics plans to enter the U.S. market having already completed more than 180,000 assessments in Europe.

FDA clearance for DermoSight covers the acquisition of skin lesions for teledermatology assessment, similar to existing digital dermatoscopes. DeepX Diagnostics designed it for integration with an AI algorithm powered by proprietary optical transfer diagnosis (OTD) technology.

OTD technology enables the analysis of lesions on the sub-skin level based on light-transferring properties. DeepX Diagnostics aims for this technology to turn dermatoscopic assessment into a robust, non-invasive and accessible AI-driven tool. However, use of OTD technology with DermoSight remains subject to further FDA approval. If…

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