A new way to access scientific papers?

Losing university access doesn’t mean losing access to articles anymore

By DeepDyve Digital Library Team

Many researchers are surprised to find that leaving university also means leaving behind something they didn’t expect—easy access to peer-reviewed literature. Especially for those who have gone to work at startups or other smaller organizations, finding a way to do the systematic literature reviews needed for regulatory requirements—or even just keep up-to-date on their fields—can require spending time scouring the web, spending lots of money, or both.

“I used to be able to go to the library to find whatever I needed,” says bioinformatician Dan Morgan. “Then when I graduated I went to work for a small company that didn’t have the budget to buy subscriptions to dozens of journals. Now when I need to look at an article, I often have to search all over to try to find a way to read it.”

And once a researcher does find an article, organizing it bec…

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