Deep Blue Medical launches hernia mesh line

Deep Blue Medical this week announced that it has received FDA clearance for its T-Line Hernia Mesh.

The T-Line Hernia Mesh offers superior anchoring strength and eliminates a key point of failure for conventional mesh fixation, which is the mesh, suture, tissue interface that can lead to mesh migration, contraction and failure.

Deep Blue’s hernia mesh is large-pore and mid-weight and the extensions have 15 times more surface area than traditional sutures and act similar to how snowshoes prevent sinking in snow, according to the company.

T-Line’s mesh extensions can withstand significant abdominal pressures up to 50 N/cm of stress.

“Sewing a bit of each extension into the abdominal wall, in lieu of traditional sutures, significantly increases mesh anchoring strength and thus the durability of the repair,” Deep Blue founder Howard Levinson said in a news release. “We believe this approach will greatly improve patient o…

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