In 2023, Roche and Novartis led the pack in drug pipeline scale

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When reviewing R&D spending trends for 2023, Merck & Co. is a clear outlier given its decision to count its $10.3 billion Prometheus acquisition as an R&D charge. In all, the company committed more than half of its revenue to R&D. But Swiss giants Roche and Novartis remain frontrunners in terms of their pipeline of potential new medications. Both have more than 190 drugs in their pipelines.

Roche’s diversified approach ranges from oncology to ophthalmology

Roche’s focus spans oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and cardiovascular diseases. The company’s oncology portfolio stands out with candidates such as inavolisib and giredestrant that target novel mechanisms in breast cancer. Additionally, Inavolisib, a PI3K inhibitor, targets the PI3Kα isoform, involved in the pathways that drive cell growth and survival. It shows potential not only in breast cancer but also i…

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