Zimmer Biomet’s Liane Teplitsky on the ‘magic’ of data integration

Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ smart knee implant has sensors to measure device performance and patient recovery. [Image courtesy of Zimmer Biomet]

Zimmer Biomet’s robotics, technology and data president offers data integration advice, identifies opportunities beyond orthopedics and discusses tech she’s looking for.

Zimmer Biomet is collecting more data than it knows what to do with — and that’s a great opportunity, says Liane Teplitsky.

Teplitsky is the orthopedics developer’s president of global robotics and technology and data solutions. Her domain has expanded rapidly since she joined Zimmer Biomet from Abbott’s cardiac arrhythmia business in 2020.

Back then, Zimmer Biomet’s ZBEdge digital and robotic technology suite consisted of the mymobility patient care app and the Rosa surgical robotics system for brain and total knee procedures. Now, ZBEdge also includ…

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The Allen Institute is employing AWS Cloud and machine learning to decode brain mysteries

[2ragon/Adobe Stock]

High-resolution mapping of the human brain involves managing and interpreting a colossal amount of data. Shoaib Mufti, the head of data and technology at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, described the organization’s approach to these challenges in a recent interview. The project uses artificial intelligence to analyze millions of data points from brain imaging and genetic data, akin to the Human Genome Project.

Allen Institute’s AI-driven brain decoding

Mufti’s team at the Allen Institute is aiming to map the human brain at a cellular level. Their work has led to the creation of a genome-scale Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, a comprehensive, freely accessible online resource for neuroscience research, housing over 20,000 genes and more than 650,000 images.

The Allen Institute uses several AWS Cloud services to manage and analyze the vast amounts of data. They use Amaz…

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