How Lantern Pharma and Code Ocean partnered on oncology drug development

A vision for data-driven drug development in oncology

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When Peter Carr, principal software architect of Lantern Pharma, stepped into his full-time role in September 2020, the company was on the cusp of a transformation. While AI had been a focus for a number of years, a fresh infusion of cash provided a possibility of expanding its AI capabilities and machine learning capabilities to drive down the cost of drug development in oncology.

Founded in 2012, the company went public in June 2020, raising $26 million. By the time he officially joined, Carr was already familiar with its operations, having previously worked as a consultant in 2019 to help set up the infrastructure. Carr joined full-time to help the company “expand their use of AI and machine learning for target discovery and patient stratification,” he recalled.

The challenge: Siloed research

While the company had experience in using A…

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