Unifying disparate data in clinical trial management with advanced data technology

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The increasing complexities in clinical trials, including expanded patient populations, decentralized trials and new technologies, are directly impacting the amount of data and information available to clinical trial sponsors. Though this provides significant value to the industry, it presents a new challenge of consolidating disparate and siloed systems, improving standardization and unifying the explosion of data across clinical trials.

Organizations are now faced with the need to centralize data and are increasingly adopting advanced data and analytics capabilities to bring efficiency to data centralization and democratization processes. 

Regulatory challenges, incongruous data and increasing stakeholders

As accountability shifts with regulatory guidelines, sponsors increasingly carry the burden of clinical trial oversight, taking responsibility for any unforeseen proble…

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eClinical Solutions Q&A: The quest to transform raw data into drug discovery gold

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Top pharmaceutical companies sponsor over a hundred clinical trials annually, generating vast amounts of data. Harnessing this deluge is a monumental task. eClinical Solutions, led by CEO Raj Indupuri, tackles this through advanced applications of data analytics and machine learning with a strong emphasis on AI in clinical trials optimization.

Specifically, eClinical Solutions taps AI/ML for automated data mapping, classification, review and mining insights. This enhances efficiency, speeds up cycle times and ensures quality as data complexity grows. The company’s Elluminate platform integrates and structures data, supporting advanced analytics.

Powerful techniques like anomaly detection algorithms can automatically flag potential data issues for human review. ML also classifies and categorizes data to focus reviewer time on the most critical areas. Fostering an innovative cultur…

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McKinsey has a digital prescription for pharma processing

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Given the recent surge in interest in generative AI, it’s no wonder that consultancies like McKinsey are making hay of the situation. The consultancy recently argued that “Rewired pharma companies will win in the digital age.” In a separate feature, it noted that generative AI could boost biopharma R&D productivity by billions, as we reported on Drug Discovery & Development.

It is true that the pharma sector faces significant headwinds as digital and analytical capabilities reshape healthcare. To keep up with this rapid pace of change, McKinsey argues that pharma companies must tap digital technologies to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and drive growth. Many firms are hiring chief digital and technology officers, it noted, but digital adoption in pharma generally remains at an early phase.

Building a solid d…
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