Pfizer drops one weight loss drug, bets on another

Pfizer has made a strategic decision in the battle against obesity and diabetes. The pharmaceutical giant has chosen to discontinue its GLP-1 RA candidate, lotiglipron, to focus resources on the development of another – danuglipron. This Pfizer weight loss drug is now the lead candidate in late-stage trials for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. The decision comes after the discovery of elevated liver enzyme levels in some early trial patients for lotiglipron. However, similar concerns have not arisen with danuglipron.

The shift comes as the company aims to tap full receptor agonism for potential robust efficacy, capitalizing on its small molecule design expertise. With more than 1,400 patients already enrolled, the clinical trial results could potentially expand the treatment options for adults with obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Already, GLP drugs semaglutide and tirzapatide are beginning to reshape the way we treat obesity.

Novo Nordisk’s sema…

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