Cytena inks $10M deal to distribute its single-cell isolators in China

BICO subsidiary Cytena has reached a $10 million agreement with Applitech Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology to distribute its single-cell isolators in China with the intent to develop novel treatments such as gene therapies, biosimilars and monoclonal antibodies.

The two-year deal encompasses the use of almost 100 of Cytena’s single-cell isolators, including the UP.SIGHT devices. China represents the world’s second-largest life science market.

The UP.SIGHT automates steps involved in cell line development (CLD) workflows.

“The life science market in China is one of the most impressive in the world, and we’re thrilled with this deal to be able to help researchers there accelerate their life-saving work,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and co-founder of BICO, in a press release.

In October, Cytena debuted the C.Station automated cell line development platform for antibody and gene therapies.


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BICO’s Cytena launches C.Station automated cell line development platform for antibody and gene therapies

Cytena’s C.Station platform [Photo courtesy of Cytena]

BICO Group subsidiary Cytena today announced the launch of its C.Station platform for automating the development of stable cell lines.

Cytena said in a news release that C.Station is a user-friendly platform that covers the entire cell line development workflow, from single-cell cloning of transfected cells to the selection of high-producing clones and upscaling.

Cytena CEO Dr. Julian Riba called it “a key step in advancing the Bio Convergence revolution by combining several proven technologies, cell cultures, and smart software to produce monoclonal antibodies and viral vectors for gene therapy.”

Cytena patented its single-cell dispensing technology in 2014 as a spin-off from the University of Freiburg in Germany. Like BICO’s name (an abbreviation of “bio convergence”), Cytena’s name is a combination of the Latin…

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