Zoll Medical discloses email phishing attack and potential data breach

Zoll Medical Corp. said a cyberattack may have exposed protected health information of current and former employees, dependants and beneficiaries.

Chelmsford, Massachusetts-based Zoll — an Asahi Kasei company — characterized the incident as a “sophisticated email phishing attack” that targeted a Zoll employee.

Phishing attacks use seemingly trustworthy communications via emails, text messages or even phone calls to get the recipient to share security information such as passwords or to open a malicious hyperlink or attachment.

“This incident was limited to emails and had no impact on Zoll’s medical devices, software, or services,” the company said in a news release. “The PHI affected by the incident varied by individual and may have included some individuals’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and protected health information and/or health insurance information.”

Zoll said it has no indication that…

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