CroíValve raises more than $9M in Series A round

CroíValve this week announced that it raised €8 million ($9 million) in a Series A fundraising round to support a feasibility clinical study of its tricuspid valve system.

The Dublin-baed company designed its Duo coaptation valve system to treat tricuspid regurgitation (TR), which is a severe heart condition that occurs when the tricuspid valve fails to close properly. The condition results in blood being pumped back into the right atrium and venous system.

CroíValve designed the Duo system with a computation valve implant that works with the native tricuspid valve to restore function. It is delivered percutaneously and is secured using an anchor system that avoids the right heart chamber and native valve apparatus.

Duo is implanted using standard imaging for a broad range of patients. CroíValve said the device’s approach has already “generated convincing pre-clinical and clinical data” and that temporary clinical implants have shown to…

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