Sanofi offers a year of salary to employees facing cancer, critical illnesses

French pharma giant Sanofi launched a new global program aimed at providing financial, social and emotional assistance to employees diagnosed with cancer or other critical illnesses.

Dubbed “Cancer & Work: Acting Together,” the program guarantees continued salary and benefits for up to one year for affected staff regardless of role or location. It also incorporates flexible work options to help employees balance treatment with their responsibilities.

“The last thing you want to be thinking about when diagnosed with cancer is work,” said Natalie Bickford, Sanofi’s Chief People Officer, in a statement. “I am delighted that Sanofi has gone further, guaranteeing job security and salary continuation for at least a year after diagnosis.”

Program offers more than financial support

In addition to the financial safeguards, the program provides access to trained volunteer employees who have dealt with cancer themselves and can offer advice and support. Psychol…

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