Anosmia to amyloidosis: nference’s AI is decoding healthcare data at scale

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The complexity of patient records, with their mix of unstructured notes and diverse data types, defies traditional analysis. While a thorough review of even a single patient’s file can be tedious¬† for a human, AI tools offer the power to analyze tens or even hundreds of millions of records, unlocking data patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.

A burgeoning number of companies are popping up to address the tasks of amalgamating and deciphering patient records using AI tools. Among them is nference, which has attracted backing of notable institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Duke Health, Emory Healthcare, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2020, the company was highlighted as one of the top digital startups in the world.

Nference’s AI platform has a vast array of data at its disposal. In all, it captures more 11 million patien…

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