Covestro publishes climate neutrality targets for scope 3 emissions

NEWS RELEASE: Covestro publishes climate neutrality targets for scope 3 emissions Reduction of 10 million metric tons of greenhouse gases produced in upstream and downstream supply chains (scope 3) by 2035, climate neutrality for scope 3 by 2050 Climate strategy for reducing greenhouse gases complete  Concrete plan for implementation to reduce emissions, transformation along the entire supply chain required

PITTSBURGH, February 29, 2024 — Covestro has published its climate neutrality targets for scope 3 emissions, completing its climate strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a short-term goal, the company plans to reduce greenhouse gases by 10 million metric tons by 2035. This corresponds to a drop in emissions of 30 percent compared to the base year 2021, with some growth-related emissions through 2035 included in the calculation. In the long-term, Covestro plans to be climate-neutral in terms of scope 3 emissions by 2050.

Covestro previously publ…

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Covestro highlights three applications for Makrolon polycarbonate

NEWS RELEASE: Covestro polycarbonate utilized for a breakthrough wound healing device, an innovative airway monitoring device, and for durable mobile device protection in healthcare settings Potential to transform wound healing: Covestro medical-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate utilized for breakthrough wound healing device Vaporox’s Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT®) technology is clinically validated for healing skin wounds A combination of Covestro resin and technical support helps bring next-generation wound care medical device to market

Vaporox’s VHT-200 (Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy™) system features a unique combination of elements—ultrasonic vapor and concentrated oxygen—shown to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds. The vaporizer assembly of the medical device primarily utilizes Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate from Covestro. [Photo courtesy of Covestro]

Chronic wounds afflict millions of people. If not treated a…
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Covestro develops new medical polycarbonate

NEWS RELEASE: New Covestro medical polycarbonate pushes the boundaries of heat resistance

Apec® 2045 high-heat copolycarbonate designed for medical devices with molded-in seals and healthcare applications requiring hot air sterilization at up to 180 °C [Photo courtesy of Covestro]

• Combines biocompatibility, heat-resistance, transparency and durability • Boosts productivity in silicone overmolding applications • Can contribute to customer sustainability goals

Overmolding polycarbonate with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is commonly used to produce respiratory masks and other medical devices requiring molded-in seals. Now, Covestro, a leading producer of advanced polymers and high-performance plastics has developed Apec® 2045—a copolycarbonate with the highest heat resistance—enabling molders and medical OEMs to significantly slash production time and cost, without sacrificing quality, p…

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Covestro polycarbonate combines form and functionality for device that treats excessive sweating

NEWS RELEASE: Covestro polycarbonate combines form, functionality for Dermadry device that treats excessive sweating

Shown above is the Dermadry case, which also doubles as the treatment trays for hands and feet. The trays are molded with Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate, which is proven for use in medical devices. [Photo courtesy of Covestro]

Hyperhidrosis, characterized by excessive sweating, affects approximately 1 in 20 people worldwide. Dermadry selects Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate from Covestro for key components of the latest device for treating hyperhidrosis. Makrolon® 2458 material offers multiple benefits, including impact resistance, biocompatibility, quality and aesthetics.

Hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating, affects the quality of life of approximately 1 in 20 people worldwide. Dermadry Laboratories lnc., a leading manufacturer of iontophoresis machines for at-home tre…

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CES 2021: Medical technologies you need to know

There are fewer mobile health devices and wearables to check out as this year’s CES goes virtual — with a trend toward medtech to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Scheduled for Jan. 11–14, CES 2021 will feature 419 digital health and 219 wearable devices, down from 546 and 635 devices, respectively, presented at CES 2020.

CES 2021 will include portable air purifiers, hands-free body temperature thermometers, EEG brain mapping devices and more.

Here are seven companies exhibiting digital health and wearable products at this year’s show.

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