Gilead wins ruling against alleged counterfeiters in HIV drug case

A federal judge ruled against two defendants accused of selling counterfeit HIV medications, denying their motions to lift existing asset freezes obtained by pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences in the ongoing lawsuit. Judge Ann M. Donnelly of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York converted the temporary asset freezes into preliminary injunctions, allowing Gilead to preserve funds for a potential award in the still undecided case. The judge had frozen the assets in 2022.

Gilead alleges the defendants were part of a counterfeiting ring that sold fake versions of its HIV medications. In the Gilead HIV drug case, the company obtained asset freezes against defendant Scripts Wholesale, a drug distributor and defendant Peter Khaim, a supplier.

Scripts and Khaim moved to lift the freezes. The court denied both motions. On Scripts’ motion, Judge Donnelly found Gilead showed a likelihood of success on its Lanham Act claims that Sc…

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