Biotech boomtowns: Comparing salaries and cost of living in 9 global hotspots

[motorolka/Adobe Stock]

Boston is arguably the top biotech hub in the U.S., but the salaries in San Francisco and New York City tend to be higher. According to recent data, the San Francisco area offers the top average salaries for biotech jobs, followed closely by New York City. But the cost of living in all three cities remains stubbornly high, with New York City taking the cake for the highest overall cost of living in the U.S. San Francisco came in third while Boston was eighth.

Still, while the pandemic hit New York City and San Francisco especially hard, both cities remain competitive biotech hubs. According to Crunchbase data, both areas have especially high concentrations of biotech companies.

While other major cities with strong biotech sectors such as Boston, London, and Paris offer competitive salaries, none are in the vicinity of the average wages found in San Francisco and New York.


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