Cortland Biomedical expands post-processing services and technologies for implantable textiles

Cortland Biomedical has expanded its shape setting and thermal forming capabilities, among other services. [Photo courtesy of Cortland Biomedical]

Cortland Biomedical has added and expanded its post-processing services and technologies for medical textiles products.

The Cortland, New York-based medical textiles product development firm said the new services will allow it to provide OEM customers with their implantable fabric or device in its final form.

One new service from Cortland Biomedical is braid tipping, or stiffening the ends of braided products to reduce fraying for optimal performance.

The full-service contract engineering, design and manufacturing firm also added capacity and/or expanded its capabilities with new equipment for a host of services, including:

Spin Finish Removal, which can improve the biocompatibility of implantable fibers in any textile construction; Edge Sealing, p…
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